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We might not have our own store front anymore, but we still have a lot of inventory to move. HOWEVER...Instead of ordering a bunch of over priced “rare” vinyl from distributors to sell, we are going to have a party instead! With Local DJs knocking the dust off their record collections and spinning all analog, all night! 
Door proceeds will be donated to the “4th floor” at the Chattanooga Library. We feel it provides a unique opportunity to the community to sample a plethora of interests without the encumbering cost to experiment with various mediums from music, to design and technology, to industrial production. It gives the community an opportunity to dabble and explore a curiosity that would otherwise be inhibited by lack of resource. And they have a pretty stellar zine fest coming up too! We have generally used Record Store Day to promote a local organization, and we want to keep that going while we have the venue to do it. 

Check it out:

Jeff...Just Jeff (Jeff St. Auburn)
Billable Hours (Ian flannery)
Ben Lee
DJ upper-crust Shugart Daddy (Josh Mayfield)

Music starts around 7:30-8 till close. We will be selling records and restocking all weekend!