DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith

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September 8th - Doors at 8, Show at 9 - 18 PLUS

“Brilliant, effortless charm lets her get away with Murder”"– The Telegraph (UK) 

Internationally acclaimed comedian, writer and columnist DeAnne Smith captivates audiences with “nerdy but dirty” yet progressive cutting edge satire regarding feminism, sexism, modern language and multi gendered relationships. With over 48 million views on her Facebook video she gives straight guys advice on “stepping up their game” because she, “doesn’t have time for ALL your ladies”.

She’s a sensitive, liberal educated lesbian who’s trying to navigate the minefield that is urban life and isn’t afraid to get political such as when deconstructing sexist American Apparel ads and the ridiculous expression “feminazi” all the while cheerfully expressing her personal erotic desires. Can she flirt with the ladies in the audience and make lewd yet charming references with her fingers ??? (You Bet).

In addition to her career as a stellar comedian DeAnne has written and performed four full length stand up shows all of which have played to critical acclaim and been nominated for numerous awards in the U.S., Canada and Australia. She has performed extensively on radio and guested on the HBO TV series “Funny as Hell” along with appearing on Last Comic Standing.

DeAnne is ready to take her show on the road to the “Sunny South”. While she is an internationally renowned performer, she has minimal exposure in the Southeastern United States. Recognition of a devoted regional fan base has inspired her to seek live dates for devotees as well as share her hijinks with the uninitiated.

DeAnne is pleased to team with Maverick Entertainment Partners, LLC as her Southeastern U.S. event coordinator. She is actively seeking to book dates for the Summer and Fall of 2018. For further booking information contact Scott Orr, Managing Partner, 615-734-9932 or .