Chatt Talk Tonight - January

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Chattanooga's legendary local late night talk show investigates our most sensational topic yet: REVENGE! First, your host Donnie Marsh decides what to do now that he can use the internet to locate the neighborhood bully who kicked his ass when he was 8. With the help of time traveling historical figures (comedians in bad costumes), Donnie must choose between Justice, Extreme Justice, and Florida Justice.


Next, Shelton Brown, John Michael Forman, and Charlie Moss, the creators and co-producers of the eagerly awaited The Twelve podcast that investigates the origins and practices of the religious group behind the Yellow Deli, discuss their findings from two years of exhaustive research and interviews. 


Also featuring musical guests Spinster, a video by official correspondent Tracee Van Popupcamper IV, stand up sets by Atlanta comics Dedrick Flynn, Piper Ruhmkorff, Chris Nikitas, and Chatt Talk Tonight's talented house band Over Easy. Doors open at 8, show begins at 9. $10, 18+